Time to say enough is enough. Get XPOSE app, open camera and ACT.
We will make sure that it reaches to media and gov.

अब भी जिसका खून न खौला खून नहीं वो पानी है। जो देश के काम न आये वो बेकार जवानी है।

Don't just sit and discuss topics over coffee.

It's time to act. Let's fix our country.

Camera to Custody! In a click!

Sometimes an incident happens in-front of our eyes and we feel measurable as what to do. Whom to report, how to get our voice to media channels etc. It happened to us all in the past and will happen to us again. But "Enough Is Enough, We will not tolerate it anymore".
Open Xpose App, take video, audio or pic of the events happening around you and post it to the Xpose platform, we will make sure that your voice is heard by media and gov. officials.

Post News

Take video/ pics / audio by opening XPOSE app and publish it.

Verified Location

It will be used by media and gov. officials to check the authenticity.

Take Responsibility

If something is wrong in your society. Get others involved and solve it yourself. We will make sure it becomes a news.

Post Anonymously

If you fear of reporting something. We won't share your identity.

Stop waiting.
Start acting.

Let's Get Started!

We new friends!