FAQ (Frequenctly Asked Questions)

Verified news is the news posted by individuals through the app. It is said to be verified based on these parameters which are as below:
  • 1. Users post these pics,videos or audios from XPOSE app's inbuilt custom camera.
  • 2. Users must disclose the GPS location, so that it can be tracked where the pics and videos were taken.
  • 3. User's identity is never disclosed due to security reason, but other people (police, media etc) can use GPS location to verify the news.
You can post verified news through XPOSE App. You can download the app from the link below:
We have been told since beginning that you can not change the system. If something is happening in front of your eyes the close your eyes and walk. Further there are miscreant who are creating havoc by spreading fake news. They get paid and you get screwed. So when you post verified content:
  • 1. You save your neighbourhood, your society, your country and the world.
  • 2. You become the superhero of your fantasy i.e. the man in the mask who saves the world.
  • 3. You always remain anonymous - we have got your back.
There are people who talk over coffee and blame others but when you post verified content you help others in following ways:
  • 1. Because of location and the content people come to know where did it happend, when did it happend and who are the culprits.
  • 2. It reaches to right audience in time.
  • 3. Action happens immediately.
  • 4. You can further share it and your name doesn't get disclosed.
  • 5. Your remain anonymous (Like a Superhero) and see the impact that you are making on society.
Ofcourse you will be safe. You remain anouymous with respect to all the data that you post.
Discussions give you an opportunity to raise concerns anonymously. This is not a verified data but you can enable others to help it verify with you. You can discuss out with the like minded people about what is happening in your neighbourhood or society. What can be used to fix these issues etc.
  • 1. You can start a discussion about anything that is happening with you either in office or neighbourhood or home (all of it anonymously).
  • 2. You can further talk about intersts or politics of a politician in your area about what is he doing etc. and get other involved.
  • 3. Other people who are directly or indirectly involved into it can be comment and share about it anonymously.